Grömo roof drainage accessories are manufactured according to EU standard 612. All specifications required by this standard such as material gauge or blanks are met or surpassed. The Grömo Star stands for quality and signifies compliance with all applicable standards and requirements.

According to new regulations in force since July 1st 2001, all suspended and concealed gutters as well as corresponding gutter drops and downpipes must comply with EN 12056 Part 3 'Roof drainage, layout and calculation'. Plug-in gutter outlets and sloping plug-in gutter outlets from Grömo guarantee absolute accuracy during the planning and calculation stages. Scientific testing at Munich Technical University confirmed that Grömo products fulfil the standard requirements and even surpass them. You'll find several tools for your assistance and information to help you carry out reliable fitting in compliance with all applicable standards. Under the topic 'Service/Technology' at you can accesss the exact dimensions (EN 12056 calculator) and the corresponding templates plus cutting stencils for outlet diameters (Downloads). Grömo also offers a highly practical cutting stencil made of tough acrylic, available in specialized retailers.